How to Relax Your Mind


Find personalised strategies to relax and calm your mind.

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This book has a section of positive affirmations at the end of each chapter to help you overcome different obstacles such as fear …. The book explains clearly how to lead a happy life and explains the rules of life in a simple and straightforward manner. It is a must read. Lots of hints are given for how to deal with relationships such as ‘letting it go’ and having the pure thought of ‘they must be under an influence at present, what can I do or give that will help?’ It reminds us that we will only get back whatever we put in to a relationship.

This book will help you to:

–          Understand and control your emotions

–          Make the right decisions

–          Use positive thinking to change your responses

–          Rediscover your inner peace

–          Empower yourself to deal with life’s obstacles

–          Explore scores of unique ways to overcome everyday problems

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