In Search Of Truth


Finding solutions to life’s riddles. Dr Prashant talks about pain and the messages behind them. 

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‘In Search of Truth’ is a profound and rational exploration of spirituality and Truth that addresses what is ordinarily missed by most but is very relevant to each and everyone.
• An easy and understandable approach to spirituality and self-discovery
• Practical meditation, based on spiritual psychology
• A new understanding of the cause of suffering and it’s solution
• Revolutionary insights into the cyclical nature of time
• Offering hope for humankind at a time of greatest pessimism 
• Understanding the innate noble and God-like nature of human beings
What this book does is cut back to the core of what is pertinent for us all. If you understand it, it will definitely change your life.

About the Author

Dr Prashant Kakoday, is a medical doctor based in Cambridge with a background in ENT surgery and Integrated Health. He has spent the past 35 years exploring the riddle of human consciousness. He travels extensively, addressing audiences on the subjects of spirituality and holistic principles of life and health.

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