It’s Time… for Change (epub)

It’s Time… for Change (epub)


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IT’S TIME … FOR CHANGE  is a book for those seekers of truth who do not simply live in denial or sweep issues under the carpet. It is for those who have a compelling desire to look inside more deeply and consciously choose to change. This 3rd book of collections from the author’s successful blog ‘It’s time’ looks at how we can use our initiative and take the lead in re-creating harmony and balance in ourselves and the world. In the usual humorous and easy-to-read style, deep insights and tools to change are shared. A suitable read for youth and adults alike, this book provides encouragement and upliftment choosing to change.

About the author Aruna Ladva

Aruna is fortunate to have the blend of both cultures – the East and West! She was born in Kenya, educated in England, worked in Canada, and has lived in various other parts of the world. Aruna was exposed to spiritual truths from an early age and by the age of 14, she had found her calling and decided to focus on what mattered most to her in life– the development of her soul journey. For the past 36 years, Aruna has been studying the gentle art of Raja Yoga Meditation taught by Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University ( She is currently one of their experienced teachers, travelling regularly to promote the work of the university, facilitating retreats, managing projects, teaching and facilitating in the areas of human development and writing weekly articles. She has also helped establish meditation centres in Canada, Turkey, Bahrain and Kuwait. Aruna is a Certified Negotiator in Conflict Resolution and together with her education in natural health continues to promote a peaceful, natural and vegetarian lifestyle. To learn more about It’s Time Blog go to or email:

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