It’s Time for Self-Empowerment (epub)

It’s Time for Self-Empowerment (epub)


It’s time now to turn knowledge into wisdom through experience and empower the self. Then we can make real and lasting changes in our lives and of those around us

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IT’S TIME … FOR SELF-EMPOWERMENT is a book full of insights and reflections on how to reclaim our true self, a powerful and wise being. Addressing present challenges on individual, communal and global level, the 4th book of collections from the author’s successful blog ‘It’s time’ provides tools on how to regain personal power and real life-changing wisdom. Suitable for both youth and adults, written in a humorous and easy-to-read style, this book will give you a push to live an empowered life.


About the author

Aruna Ladva started her spiritual journey at the age of fourteen, and has spent over three decades studying, teaching and facilitating spiritual self-development. She is fortunate to feel at home in two cultures – east and west – having been born in Kenya, educated in England and having lived in Canada, the Middle East and other countries of the world.

Aruna has been instrumental in developing Raja Yoga meditation centres in Canada, Turkey, Bahrain and Kuwait and is well known for her pragmatic and down to earth approach yet infused with profound understanding of the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of life. She now travels the world as a lecturer, teacher and author, and also facilitates retreats and trainings, as well as co-manages self-development projects and initiatives.

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