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IT’S TIME … TO BE COOL is a powerful and enlightening collection of articles on how to deal with everyday challenges in a positive way. The author Aruna Ladva plays on the word ‘cool’, inviting us to awaken our true state of inner being, that is one which is calm and free from tension and overwhelming emotions that impair our judgment. 

This fourth book of the series offers many insights on how to manage our minds and manage our lives better. It teaches us how to dissolve anger, to create inner silence and to become internally strong. 

Taken from her successful blog ‘It’s Time’, Aruna shares the secrets she has learned through years of developing the art of turning knowledge into wisdom and acquiring inner power through self-reflection and Meditation. Aruna writes from the heart ‘the only way to be really cool is to be in our power, in our full self-respect and in control of our thoughts and deeds. That gives a whole new meaning to being cool. With tension all around and our minds getting heated in an instant, there is no greater need at this time than to stay cool, calm and composed. It’s cool to be cool!’
About the author

Aruna Ladva started her spiritual journey at the age of fourteen, and has spent over three decades studying, teaching and facilitating spiritual self-development. She is fortunate to feel at home in two cultures – east and west – having been born in Kenya, educated in England and having lived in Canada, the Middle East and other countries of the world.

Aruna has been instrumental in developing Raja Yoga meditation centres in Canada, Turkey, Bahrain and Kuwait and is well known for her pragmatic and down to earth approach yet infused with profound understanding of the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of life. She now travels the world as a lecturer, teacher and author, and also facilitates retreats and trainings, as well as co-manages self-development projects and initiatives.

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