Khuda Dost -Bk Kaushik Hindi Album MP3

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Khuda Dost

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Khuda Dost -Bk Kaushik Hindi Album MP3

1. Mera Dost Mera Khuda Singer Kaushik Soni
2. Lukka Chuppi Khel Khilaye Baba
Singer Kaushik Soni
3. Jeevan Kora Kagaz Tha
Singer Kaushik Soni
4. Gyan Aur Rajyog Sikhne Padharoji
Singer Kaushik Soni
Lyrics Bk Kaushik and Naval Verma

About the artists

Kaushik Soni is a born artist with a deep passion for singing, acting and dancing.

Born and brought up in Dubai, Kaushik has been living in Mumbai for the past 18 years and has a deep interest in spirituality.
He is a Certified CCNA and RHCE Linux Engineer and has taken over a year’s vocal training from ‘5 best music Filmfare’ awardee Nadeem Shravan, of Shravan Rathod Academy in Mumbai.
He has been practising Raja Yoga meditation for the past 27 years and has recorded and produced two Spiritual song albums for the Brahma Kumaris. One album is in Hindi, and the other is the first ever Gujarati song album to be released for the Brahma Kumaris.

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2 reviews for Khuda Dost -Bk Kaushik Hindi Album MP3

  1. Dr.Chirag Dhakan

    Really nice relaxing spiritual songs, must buy album. Omshanti 🙂

  2. Dr.Chirag Dhakan

    Really very relaxing and spiritual songs with lots of melody. A must buy for music lovers

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