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This CD consists of two meditation commentaries, spoken over soft background music.

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The meditation commentaries aim to gently guide the listener towards inner calmness and self-discovery. After a brief definition of meditation, it begins with a simple relaxation of the body, followed by a gradual drawing of attention away from the physical being and towards the true, spiritual self.

The first meditation explores the original nature of the self, looking at the pure, positive qualities inherent in the consciousness of every human; while the second meditation covers the concept of thoughts and their creation, explaining how to create the kind of thoughts that bring happiness. The listener is then brought back to the physical level, reflecting on the state of mind that has developed during the meditation – one freshness, alertness and tranquility.

About the speakers

Both tracks of the CD are narrated by students of Brahma Kumaris who have taken benefit from the deep and profound experiences gained through meditation and self development courses.

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