BEING NO ONE – HAVING NOTHING – GOING NOWHERE – Everyone’s Leadership Journey

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We are all leaders by virtue of one simple fact; there is always some-one watching. And when there isn’t, you are!

Are you leading your life, and therefore leading others, from ‘out-side in’ or from ‘inside out’? For most it’s from ‘outside in’. So there is likely to be much personal stress and many difficult relationships. For a few it’s from ‘inside out’. They create clarity and calm, and have the ability to connect well with anyone.
They are the masters of their consciousness.

Liberating leadership from ‘inside out’, in a formal or informal context, happens when you understand:

• Why ending the illusion that you are going somewhere frees you from the habit of ‘drifting’, dissolves misplaced ambi-tions and allows you to be fully present for others, wherever you are.

• Why realising that it’s impossible to acquire and hold on to anything or anyone is the only way to free your self from stress and the emotional suffering that sabotages your well-being and your character.

• Why ‘being no one’ is the ultimate reality of all our lives and how only that awareness can restore your authenticity and your natural abilities to influence those around you.

Including 101 practical leadership ‘nudges’ to create your own leadership journey.

Author Bio
Mike George is an author of 15 books focussed on self-awareness and personal enlightenment. In a unique blend of insight, wisdom and humour, Mike brings together the three key strands of 21st century – management/leadership development, emotional/spiritual intelligence and continuous unlearning. For the last thirty years he has coached, guided and facilitated the executive development of managers and leaders in communities and companies in over 30 countries.

His other recent books include BEING Your Self, MINDSETS, Being Beyond Belief, The Immune System of the SOUL and The 7 Myths About LOVE.

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