Living as Art – 16 Celestial Degrees


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This book is dedicated to the exploration of living as the highest form of art. When the moon is at its fullest, it is referred to as sixteen celestial degrees. Seen from earth, it brightens the night sky as the sun illuminates its entire surface. When the human soul is full, it is complete with all virtues and shines like the full moon reflecting the light of the Spiritual Sun (God). In this state of completeness, everything we do, think and say is perfectly balanced and living becomes an art. Although as human beings we have excelled in numerous forms of art, we are still seeking to learn the art of living.
About the authors
Judy Johnson
Judy is known for her ability to see strengths in organizations and individuals and enhance their ability to create and sustain focused, purposeful and positive directions. She has worked in the field of leadership development and organizational effectiveness consulting government, private and  community-based organizations worldwide for 30 years. She brings clarity, insight and creative processes to engage group members in meaningful, enjoyable learning.
Dr. Debbie Castle

Dr. Debbie Castle, People Development Ltd. is an educator, learning organization specialist, and visionary with four decades of facilitation with partners in over 25 countries. She loves learning and has made a life of bringing new and innovative ways of facilitating learning to leaders in organizations.

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