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Why do so few people truly, deeply change, even when they want to? Why do almost all those techniques and methods that promise to ‘unleash your potential’ and ‘transform your life’ seldom work? Why do so many people learn so many ways to relax but still suffer from stress?

They don’t change their mindsets.

Only a new or different mindset can permanently change the way you think, feel, decide and create your life. It can only happen from inside out! That means challenging some of your own deeply held beliefs, shattering a few old illusions and hunting the truths that already exist within you.

To help you do that Mike presents the best of his regular CLEAR THINKING articles/reflections from the last five years. Each reflection contains a set of clues and signposts to help you change your own mindsets allowing you to:

* Make the shift from force to power

* Cultivate serenity and patience

* Live from inside out, not outside in

* Practice the power of presence

* Find balance by being centred

* Become a completely free spirit

About the author Mike George

Mike George is an author of eleven books on how to awaken your awareness of your authentic self and thereby restore the essence of your being, which is love. He talks, teaches and tutors across the world on topics such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence, liberating leadership and ‘continuous unlearning’. His other recent books include ‘The Immune System of the SOUL’, ‘BEING Your Self’ and ‘The 7 Myths About LOVE…Actually!’

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