Pathways to Higher Consciousness

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A thought-provoking and accessible guide to an ancient spiritual practice known as Raja Yoga meditation

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A thought-provoking and accessible guide to how an ancient spiritual practice known as Raja Yoga meditation – Yoga of the mind – can help us develop attitudes that will dramatically improve the quality of our inner lives. Using the author’s own story as a starting point, this illuminating work provides a whole new perspective on matters of the spirit, including rediscovering the nature of the self, understanding and exploring the different levels of consciousness, learning about the natural law that governs the universe and how to support your spiritual development with the right lifestyle.

About the author Ken O’Donnell

Ken O’Donnell is an Australian living in Brazil since 1978. Ten years of life as an industrial chemist, both in Australia and Brazil led to a management consultancy in total quality management and process and process re-engineering. He is the author of several books in Portuguese on diverse subjects related to the development of human values: The Last Frontier, Peace Starts With You, Lessons For A Life of Fullness, The Soul of Business, The Roots of Change (published Portuguese and Spanish) and New Beginnings (in English and Japanese). Ken O’Donnell has conducted over a thousand talks, courses and workshops in Australia, India, USA, Europe and Latin America on stress Management, positive consciousness, motivation, conflict resolution, quality management and organisational development. He is the co-ordinator of more than 30 branches of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in South America.

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  1. Anon

    No matter what your experience of meditation has been, if you study Raja Yoga with sincerity and an open mind, the benefits will be immediate. Raja Yoga meditation doesn’t demand belief but invites experiment. What is felt to be useful can be applied directly to practical life. The objective is to enrich lives. Raja Yoga is the art of living in balance – of being happy and peaceful, of knowing and loving the self and others on a deeper, more spiritual level. This book has definitely brought clarity to my mind.

  2. Jim

    Ken’s book reflects his own personal journey of challenge and discovery, exploring many of the more subtle facets of the spiritual world, their backgrounds and reasoning. It’s a book to inspire the meditator to go deeper and develop further their own level of awareness and understanding.

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