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A personal account of the birth and growth of a powerful spiritual organisation.

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A personal account of the birth and growth of a powerful spiritual organisation. Liz Hodgkinson tells the extraordinary story of how the Brahma Kumaris have achieved so much. She describes the profound spirituality at its core, combined with clarity of purpose that has gradually attracted hundreds of thousands of people from all backgrounds to help create a better world for all of us.

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Liz is a prolific author and journalist. She has written over 40 books, specialising in avant-garde health, popular psychology and spiritual matters. Her books have been translated into many languages, including Russian and Chinese, and several have been international bestsellers. She also contributes to very many newspapers, magazines and websites. As a journalist, she has worked on several national newspapers, and has edited women’s magazines. In recent years she has also been a tutor in journalism at the City Literary Institute in London. Liz has two sons and two grandsons and lives in London and the South Coast. She enjoys travelling, renovating properties, reading, working out at the gym and watching her grandsons grow up.

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  1. Anon

    A fascinating account of the growth of the Brahma Kumaris movement. Liz Hodgkinson, the author, is a journalist who was invited to attend a conference organised by the Brahma Kumaris, at Mount Abu, India. Her enthusiastic account of this visit sets the scene and together with a lot of engaging background detail about the organisation, is simultaneously uplifting and informative. There is also a short but fascinating section of Personal Stories from some who’ve chosen to follow this path and a further section of answers to FAQs from senior members of the organisation. This is a delightful overview of the organisation through the journalistic eye.

  2. Paul Delaforce

    Great book and well written, easy to read.
    Great introduction to the Brahma Kumaris from its start 80 years ago to the current day.

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