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An accessible guide to Raja Yoga meditation by a dynamic and highly regarded spiritual leader.

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World-renowned spiritual leader and Yogi Sister Jayanti guides you through the simple yet effective steps to beginning a transformational meditation program using the Raja Yoga technique. Raja Yoga is mainly concerned with the mind, its modification and its control. Raja Yoga meditation is a two-step process: 1. Joining the scattered forces of your thoughts and fixing them on your true self. 2. Having stabilized them, you can then make the connection with God (as you perceive him) and begin to absorb the unlimited spiritual energy emanating from that One.

Meditation stabilizes the mind, releases tension, reduces stress, enhances well-being, and helps in healing and recovery. By devoting just a few minutes a day to Sister Jayanti’s techniques, your life can be improved immeasurably.

About the author

Sister Jayanti is the Additional Administrative Head of The Brahma Kumaris, the world’s largest spiritual organisation to be led by women. She is a spiritual teacher, much sought after international public speaker, author and a visionary leader guided by spiritual values and principles.

Sister Jayanti embodies a unique blend of Eastern wisdom and Western education and culture; imparting the deepest spiritual truths with the utmost clarity. Her prominent speaking themes include leadership, environment & climate change, women’s empowerment; health & well-being, racial harmony, interreligious friendships & global peace.

In these critical times in which humanity is facing up to the challenges of change, her message invites each of us to embody a positive vision of a brighter world. Her spiritual knowledge, inner peace and radiant love have inspired millions across the globe to empower themselves to make changes to their lives.

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  1. Anon

    I find this book an informative and concise, yet very readable, introduction to the understanding that lies behind Raja Yoga meditation. I have found that this understanding has definitely helped me to develop the art of positive thinking and the more I adopt these ideas, the more peaceful my life is. I have studied other ideas with limited success. This works for me.

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