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Easy and tasty vegetarian recipes appear in this book. The ideas form a basis to which you can add embellishments and from which you can create your own vegetarian dishes.

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Recipes from “Shantivan”, meaning Forest of Peace, is a collection of recipes from the Brahma Kumaris Asia Pacific Retreat Centre. The recipes are all vegetarian, incorporating the principles of non-violence and respect for all sentient beings.

The book also contains a section on nutrition, consciousness and food, substitution products and a brief description of some of the more commonly used ingredients in vegetarian cooking.

Featured are Soups, Entrees, Main courses, Beans & grains, Salads, Sauces & dressings, Cakes & desserts, Biscuits & slices, Breads & pastries.

About the author

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a non-profit organisation, with the aim to share spiritual knowledge as a community service for the personal growth of individuals and to support in understanding the significance and consequences of individual action and global interactions. With the hope of you enjoying the recipes and being inspired to explore the delights and benefits of vegetarian dishes – happy cooking!

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  1. Anon

    If you are looking for simple, basic, yet interesting recipes, then the Shantivan Cookbook is well worth buying. It was the section on main courses that caught my eye and I can highly recommend the spinach dumplings. In addition to the usual soups, entrees, salads, etc., there is a wonderful section on breads and pastries, with yeast-free bread recipes that are quick to make and very ‘moreish’. This book has two other appealing factors: being allergic to eggs, I was impressed when I discovered the eggless cakes and biscuits; and, for the busy cook, preparation and cooking times are clearly set out for each recipe.

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