Shivaratri DVD by BK Jayanti – (English)

Shivaratri DVD by BK Jayanti – (English)


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This DVD holds messages from Dadi Janki, BK Jayanti and BK Sudesh, addressing the meaning of the much celebrated festival of Shivaratri

About the speakers

Dadi Janki is a world-renowned spiritual leader who has dedicated her life to the upliftment of humanity. Through teaching the universality of spiritual truths, she has empowered people from all cultures and religions, teaching audiences of thousands one day and meeting Presidents and Prime Ministers the next. Dadi Janki is a true Raj Yogi – one who experiences union with God. She sees only the goodness of each human being, awakening people to fulfil their highest potential

Sister Jayanti is the Director of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in the UK.She has been teaching meditation for over thirty years and is a much sought-after speaker throughout the world. Born in India and educated in the West, she brings together Eastern wisdom and Western lifestyle through a life based on spiritual principles and meditation since the age of nineteen. Sister Jayanti communicates a unique and positive vision of how we can create a better world, and her own natural wisdom and gentle but powerful personality have touched and inspired millions of people in over 80 countries

Didi Sudesh is an outstanding speaker, teacher and broadcaster. She has travelled in over 80 countries, speaking on human development, meditation and the creative potential of the mind. A gifted storyteller, she has a lively sense of humour and a loving, generous nature. Currently based in Germany, Didi Sudesh is a European Director of the university

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