Something Beyond Greatness

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Inspiring stories about extraordinary people and the qualities and actions that make them truly great.

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In their worldwide search to understand what gives rise to heroic acts, authors Judy Rodgers and Gayatri Naraine humbly discovered that the quality of ‘something beyond greatness,’ which we most often attribute to such extraordinary figures as Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King Jr., occurs naturally in the flow of life on subway platforms, city streets, and living rooms when people see the other with love and act from the heart. It vanishes, however, when we are thinking, planning, or trying too hard to make things happen. Something Beyond Greatness is a thought-provoking discussion of the humble, loving service to others that is at the heart of greatness. For insight into the two sides of the coin, Rodgers and Naraine turned to a woman of God and a man of science: Dadi Janki and Humberto Maturana, both world-renowned in their respective practices. Through their discussions with Janki, Maturana, and many others, you’ll come to realize, as have the authors, that the two sides of the coin lead to one whole . . . and that performing a miraculous act of greatness or living a life of greatness is an inspired heartfelt choice one makes in a moment of chaos, in the quiet of one’s mind, or within a balance of these seemingly opposite circumstances.

About the author

Judy Rodgers is a writer and communication consultant who has worked extensively with thought leaders. She has held a range of executive positions in large media companies such as CBS Video, CBS-Fox Video, and New World Entertainment. She has worked with opinion leaders such as Tom Peters, Peter Senge and David Cooperrider. She is also founding director of Images and Voices of Hope, an international dialogue initiative with media, journalism and the arts that seeks to strengthen the role of media as a constructive force in society.

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