Stress Free Living – CD

Stress Free Living – CD


Practical ways to turn stress into success – a set of CDs plus workbook offering important insights into the nature and causes of stress.

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Practical ways to turn stress into success – a set of CDs and workbook. Mike George, an experienced and entertaining speaker on the subject of stress management, offers important insights into the nature and causes of stress. He shows us how to turn stress into success with a series of practical suggestions for stress management and prevention in any situation.

About the author Mike George

Is an international management development consultant/coach and author based in London. He brings together the three key strands of the new millennium – spirituality, management/leadership development and lifelong learning – in a unique blend of insight, wisdom and technique. His positive vision of the future and his passion for life has motivated thousands of people. As a lecturer and teacher for the Brahma Kumaris, his eighteen years of research into the spiritual principles which govern human relations provide the foundation for his work with leaders and managers in organisations in over twenty countries. His publications include Stress Free Living; Learn to Relax; Discover Inner Peace and Meditation for Extremely Busy People. He is also the Editor of Heart & Soul Magazine.

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Fantastic course. Mike George takes us through many stages of becoming stress free, from recognising the roots, causes and symptoms of stress, to dealing with and releasing it. This programme is suitable for people from all backgrounds as Mike presents thoroughly researched ideas and methods to enable us to manage stress. He avoids jargon and shows how we can access our own personal strengths by recognising and exploring the spiritual elements within each of us. I believe I’m much more efficient at work since I worked through the course, and I keep going back to it as a reminder that stress is not best.

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