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On her journey across the icy mountains of New Zealand, the ancient rainforests and the great boulder strewn plains of Australia, and the mango woods and villages of India, she finds her answers.

We think, sometimes, that the deepest secrets of life can only be uncovered in some secret monastery. We think, sometimes, that the greatest adventure, the most meaningful quest can only be found by someone not bound by an ordinary life.

For this ordinary girl, the journey was higher and deeper, harder and easier, more wondrous and more alone than anything she could have imagined…it changed everything for her…and she hadn’t even been looking.

What did she bury, the old Indian woman in white? Why did this one ordinary girl happen to uncover what had been buried, so many lifetimes before?

Produced & Directed by ROBIN RAMSAY

MUSIC BY Dave Clayton (‘Simply Red’), WITH Clarke Peters, (HBO ‘The Wire’) Lucinda Drayton (‘Bliss’) AND

Tamasin Ramsay AS the Traveller

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