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New images, new ingredients to sustain the mind.

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New images, new ingredients for the mind. A new dimension to topics such as tranquility and silence is explored in these meditation commentaries, where creativity is an important aspect that allows us to formulate our thoughts and feelings in a colorful and constructive way.

About the speaker author Carmen Warrington

Is an author, performing artist, songwriter and speaker dedicated to creating works that uplift and inspire. She was introduced to meditation in 1984, a gift which continues to enrich her personal and professional life. Born in England, she lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she runs her business Calm and Creative. Carmen holds a BA from the University of Tasmania and is a graduate of the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). She has received international praise for her work in the jazz-fusion band AtmaSphere, which features the work of David Jones, her long-term music collaborator. David and Carmen perform their gentle and uplifting Calm and Creative concerts at intimate venues around Australia. Carmen’s first book Today I will… 100 ways to make your life calm and creative was published by Lothian Books in July 2001. To accompany the book, she recorded a CD Today I will… meditations to make your life calm and creative. Her voice is recognised internationally through top-selling meditation CDs which she has written and recorded for the Brahma Kumaris. She frequently conducts guided meditations at public events. Carmen also produces and performs in special Meditation-through-Music concerts, called Music for Higher Spirits. Please visit

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