The Power of Love


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THE POWER OF LOVE – RETURNING TO THE SOURCE is about the deep relationship mystics and yogis talk about – a real life journey into the realms of love and transcendent experience

Beautifully illustrated by Indian artist Shilo Shiv Suleman, the book bridges ageless mysteries with contemporary experiences on the inner workings of the soul, the hidden reality of relationships, spiritual healing and empowerment.

With vivid and inspiring accounts of the ultimate adventure – a direct connection with the Divine – the book also works as a practical guide for regaining love and inner strength through spiritual understanding and the practice of meditation.

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Simone Boger is a Brazilian freelance journalist, writer and researcher who began her spiritual journey in her early twenties. She spent many years in India covering news, exploring ancient knowledge, and deepening her meditation practice.

She has been researching the links between ancient history and spirituality for over thirty years. As a longtime Raja Yoga practitioner she teaches and lectures on a variety of subjects related to spiritual knowledge and meditation.

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