The Power of Meditation

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‘When – through meditation – we come back to the experience of our original state of being, we experience tremendous inner power.’

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THE POWER OF MEDITATION – a guide for beginners is an ideal book for anyone interested in meditation.

This step-to-step guide lays out the benefits, meaning and outcome of meditation in clear, simple language yet with profound insights. Each chapter comprises of one aspect of meditation, a self-reflection question, a point for self-experimentation, a point summary and a meditation.

This beginner’s guide to meditation shows simple ways to introduce meditation into our lives, and to experience peace, inner strength and wisdom. Meditation enables us to return to a state of peace, inner power and self-worth anytime and anywhere – just by tuning into ourselves. It also gives us the power to exercise choice over our thoughts, feelings and responses. Covering practicalities – like the best time of the day for practice – as well as answering profound questions, such as ‘how to thoughts affect our action’ and ‘what is truth’. The book offers a simple method to remain calm and peaceful when everything around us is not.

Suitable for all levels of meditators, this book is also a perfect gift.


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1 review for The Power of Meditation

  1. Marian

    Simple yet Masterful

    This book has all a beginner needs to know about meditation and its purpose. It is just different from those meditation books I’ve read. This is so simple to understand and easy to follow steps on how to meditate.

    This book covers all the practicalities from the time and place to practise, the process of thoughts to actions, the mastering of my thoughts and my senses, connection and union with the Supreme Soul, to what exactly truth is.

    “The first steps in meditation are all about getting to know ourselves.”

    “When I believe I am a body then the way I think, see and act is very materialistic… I am not able to remain happy all the time because I will suffer a great deal of fear…”

    “I sit comfortably in silence and relax my body. I imagine a transparent sphere. It represent my consciousness…”

    At the end of every chapter, it includes a section of Point Summary, Self-reflective question, self-experimentation, and a simple guided meditation exercise; at the end of the book it includes a chapter on frequently asked questions – a truly all-in-one meditation guide.

    This is an excellent book that is easy to read. I recommend it to anyone, both beginners and “old time” meditators. Meditation is for everyone no matter what your background is, and this book will help you get there and give you true insights on your continued journey.

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