The Power of Values – CD


As we look ahead to the next millennium, we see a growing concern to return to values.

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As we look ahead to the next millennium, we see a growing concern to return to values, those core human values which seem to have disintegrated in today’s world, but which form the foundation of a stable and progressive society. With spiritual understanding, we learn how to recognise and gain access to the original, divine qualities latent within ourselves and how to apply them in our practical lives. The lectures on this CD explain the process by which our inner qualities can be developed into virtues and eventually powers that reach to every corner of the planet. It also identifies and describes the principal powers needed to equip us for modern living. This CD consists of a series of short, inter-related talks, concluding with a meditation exercise.

About the speaker Sister Jayanti

Sister Jayanti is the Director of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in the UK. She has been teaching meditation for over thirty years and is a much sought-after speaker throughout the world. Born in India and educated in the West, she brings together Eastern wisdom and Western lifestyle through a life based on spiritual principles and meditation since the age of nineteen. Sister Jayanti communicates a unique and positive vision of how we can create a better world, and her own natural wisdom and gentle but powerful personality have touched and inspired millions of people in over 80 countries.

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