The Rainbow Dance

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This beautifully illustrated story for children, in which everyone can delight, is about how one little soul transforms her wings into ones of beautiful colour.

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Little White lives in a dark forest, but once she sees the light, she is entranced by it. The sun itself is used as a symbol to represent God and it is this light towards which Little White travels. Her journey does not involve rushing from place to place but is filled with quiet moments of meditation, in which she enjoys the light and her sense of being alive.

In contrast, Moth Grey wants to steal the sun and take all its gold. His journey through life is one of external concerns and ambition. He rushes through the journey in his pursuit of gold and success, and notices nothing of the joy that is there for the taking. In the end he has nothing to show for his journey; he has not fed his soul but, rather, in his singular search for external satisfaction, has had an unpleasant time. Little White’s journey is one of beauty, peace and the spirit. This is finally reflected in the color of her wings which themselves represent her soul, transformed by her journey into the light.

About the author Cherry Quinn Evans

Cherry is mother to a son and daughter. She home-educates her children and also works as an artist. She currently lives in England and rural France.

“I initially started writing for children as a qualified Speech and Language Therapist when I would use stories as an aid to develop the language and literacy skills of those children attending my clinics. In raising my own children, however, I came to realize that, although it is clearly important to encourage a child’s cognitive skills, the need to nurture their spiritual nature is equally important. In today’s environment, we should strive to cherish the innocent, precious gifts with which our children are born for these can far too easily be bulldozed by the fast pace of a modern world.”

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  1. Caroline

    My daughter loves this book It is a beautiful read, spiritually uplifting and is accompanied by vivid, glowing and eye catching illustrations.A firm family favourite

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