The Ultimate Frontier


Initiating the journey that has just one destination – self-empowerment

Includes meditation CD (8 guided meditations)

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About the book

Ken O’Donnell shares profound and practical insights into developing a fulfilling spiritual lifestyle to manage personal, family and workplace issues. Using meditation, Ken re-engineered and transformed the quality of his life.

Learn how to transform:
confused, angry thinking into calm and clear thinking
emotional reactions into positive responses
personal challenges into peak moments of success

Use as an inspiring guide in your quest for self-knowledge and self-empowerment.

Key ideas are brought to life by the entertaining and quirky illustrations by Narelda Joy.

Includes meditation CD for everyday use. Eight guided meditations offer a contemplative experience of key concepts. Written and spoken by Ken, with original music by pianist-composer Michael Westlake.
CD duration: 60 mins


Ken O’Donnell is an Australian management consultant, spiritual teacher and author who has been living in Brazil since 1978. He is the coordinator of more than 30 branches of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in South America. For the last 37 years Ken has shared a unique blend of deep spiritual understanding and worldly awareness with the many people worldwide who have attended his seminars and talks on values in the workplace, motivation, leadership and conflict resolution, organizational development and dealing with chaos. He is the best-selling author of several books in Portuguese and English on diverse subjects related to the development of human values. His books in English include New Beginnings and Pathways to Higher Consciousness.

ENDORSEMENTS: “The Ultimate Frontier will be of great benefit to someone new to mediation, as well as the experienced meditator. The narratives are engaging and thought provoking throughout. Used in an interactive way, the reflective meditation commentaries guide the listener and then further encourage them on their own personal journey of self awareness. The refreshing visual format allows the reader to “dip in and out” in short bursts, or to spend more time reflecting or consolidating concepts of a deeper spiritual nature”. Dr Barbara Hannon – Rehabilitation physician.

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