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A beautiful and powerful book exploring the true identity of ourselves. Structured in points to Think, Feel, Know and Enjoy, which facilitate the process from knowing about spiritual matters to actually experiencing them in everyday life.

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THINK, FEEL, KNOW, ENJOY is a beautiful and powerful book revealing the true identity of ourselves.

The structure of the book in points to Think, Know and Be, facilitate the process from knowing about spiritual matters to actually being/experiencing them in everyday life.

An interesting and inspiring read for those wanting to know and understand more about spirituality and great gift for a loved one.

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A pioneer of a modern form of the ancient art of Raja Yoga, and Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris, Dadi Janki provides a working model for all those who seek to integrate the highest human qualities and values into their personal and professional lives. She was a world-renowned spiritual leader who had dedicated her life to the upliftment of humanity.

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  1. Marian

    Think, Feel, Know, Enjoy is not a book about theories, but about practical experience on the power of our true identity. It is a simple book containing profound truth that many in the world fail to appreciate. The false identity is at the heart of many struggles in our world—and the way to overcome them is by living our true identity. And the distance between wisdom and truth is the journey of experience.

    Based on the teaching of Raja Yoga meditation by the Brahma Kumaris, Dadi Janki takes us through the truth of we, the self, being life-force energy, emitting the purest vibrations of peace, love, happiness, truth, wisdom and bliss.

    A lack of constant peace and happiness is a sign that we have forgotten our true identity, and that we falsely see ourselves as flesh and blood.

    “We have to go deep beneath the physical covering of the body, to the centre of the forehead and between the eyes to where the soul resides.”

    Souls embody the essence of peace within. Dadi Janki reminds us that “Peace is your original religion.” If we go deep in to rediscover this original part of the self, we can experience it over and over again. Through realisation of the self, God, our eternal home, the time, we experience the full strength of our thoughts, our perfect form, at every moment.

    This book has truly captured the true essence of who we are. It is as inspiring and homecoming as it is practical. A must read for anyone who strives to find their true identity.

  2. Donia

    The meditation courses provided free by the Brahma Kumaris teach Raja Yoga philosophy – how to posture the mind so that it can access peace. However, it is one thing to learn spiritual knowledge that seems to make perfect sense – but quite another to apply it!

    Think, Feel, Know, Enjoy covers 18 aspects of spiritual knowledge covered in both the introductory and advanced Raja Yoga meditation courses. Each aspect is covered very simply over two pages side by side. All begin with the words “Do you remember…” (the ‘Think’ bit) and conclude with the ‘Enjoy’ bit which is “Consider for a moment …”

    This makes this book particularly suited to those who take the meditation course as it helps the student to see how to convert knowledge into practice, or what is ‘knowing’ into ‘being’. And how each aspect provides a means for the mind to become peaceful.

    It is also a book that easily can be picked up in times when the mind is racing and it seems difficult to settle and to enjoy meditation. Any aspect can be chosen at random, read within a minute, and will provide the mind with thoughts to focus on that will open the door to enter a meditation experience that can be enjoyed.

    A small ‘must have’ book that is ideal to keep at hand just next to where one regularly sits to meditate!

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