Touched by God


The stories of awakening in this book are told by women but they contain a message of hope for all. These stories are touching and real; an inspiration for anyone who wishes to make a difference in his or her own life.

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TOUCHED BY GOD is a book full of stories of women who live a life with God and the influence of this relationship on their private, business, family and social life. Honest and unpretentious, these women who come from various social and religious backgrounds, describe how this relationship has shaped and transformed their lives. A wonderful coffee table literature and great read for those interested in spirituality.

About the Author Jacqueline Berg

‘I’ve always been fascinated by feminine strength, how women somehow know how to remain faithful to their innate values of love, loyalty, forgiveness and compassion. It is this amazing, superterrestrial power with which they are able, not only to respond constructively to adverse circumstances, but also to overcome own doubts and fears. When I found myself emotionally imprisoned , very naturally, I turned to spirituality. I longed for a loving relationship with God. A divine relationship, I thought, would add an extra dimension to my life. In the following twenty-five years I learned a lot about my authenticity and creative forces, my dreams and desires, my vision and future. My life became more balanced and harmonious. Free. I met many like minded  spiritually awake women, who had their own story to tell, and one day invited them to sit with me and share something of their own transformation.  This small but powerful book is filled with messages of hope for our future…’

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  1. Nicole

    I found the personal stories shared in the book very touching. Reading how other women are mastering their lives based on spirituality, was uplifting and encouraging. I especially loved the story of Theresa from Netherlands, who transformed a love of deep attachment to her husband into spiritual love. She was then able to be by his side when he was diagnosed with cancer but also able to let him go when it was time for him to move on. A great read and wonderful gift for those spiritually interested girl friends.

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