Understanding the Brahma Kumaris

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The Brahma Kumaris are a new spiritual tradition. The movement now has over 450,000 adherents world-wide in more than 100 countries. In this book Frank Whaling seeks to understand the Brahma Kumaris. As with all spiritual traditions, the Brahma Kumaris are different, bewildering, fascinating in their newness and in their complexity.

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The Brahma Kumaris began in 1936 in Hyderabad in the Sind province of India. A millionaire diamond merchant named Lekhraj Khubchand began to have visions at the age of around sixty. They led him to start meetings in his own home which were attended mainly by women. This was the beginning of the Brahma Kumaris. Dada Lekhraj, as he became affectionately known, used his fortune to set up a trust composed of eleven youngish women. One of the young women, who became known as Om Radhe, became the leader of the new movement, whilst Dada Lekhraj remained a key figure. Following the Partition, the Brahma Kumaris moved to Mount Abu in Rajasthan in India and this remains their headquarters. Through phenomenology the author attempts to ‘get inside’ the Brahma Kumari tradition and to see that tradition from the inside. Phenomenology involves firstly putting one’s own world-view aside in order to understand the world-view of others. Applying ‘epoche’, to avoid bias, and ‘empathy’, to engage sympathetically, the objective of this study is to understand, as far as is possible, from within.

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Frank is Emeritus professor of the study of religion, University of Edinburgh. He has taught and researched in many countries including India, the USA and South Africa.

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2 reviews for Understanding the Brahma Kumaris

  1. Aida Garay

    This book is a very interesting book about the Brahma Kumaris. It is written with understanding of the topic. I enjoy reading it. If you do not know about the BK’s this book is a must and even if you know, believe me you will enjoy reading it.

  2. Paul Delaforce

    Great introduction to The Brahma Kumaris from its introduction 80 years ago to the current day.

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