“Right now religion still dominates our world. For many it provides a comfortable set of beliefs by which to live. But if you want to prepare your self for what is to come, if you want to be ready, willing and able to face the challenges ahead, you will need to cultivate your spirituality. And that, for many, is not so comfortable”.

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What Would YOU Say?
Some people say, “I am spiritual but not religious”.
Others say, “I am religious and my spirituality is based on my religion”.
And a few say, “My religion is my spirituality”.
Then there are those who say, “Religion is spiritual and you can’t be spiritual without religion”.
And a very few say they cannot be compared as both are the same!
So there is an obvious mixing of the two ideas. That’s why untangling them can only happen in one’s own
consciousness when there is clarity about each.
Mike sets out to help you discern the difference between religion and spirituality but in a way that engages you to
‘see for your self’.
In 101 areas of comparison he articulates both the substantial and the subtle differences with simplicity and

About the author Mike George
Mike George is an author of 16 books on the development of self-awareness, the cultivation of spiritual
intelligence, freedom from emotional suffering and the creation of a more enlightened way to live, a management tutor and spiritual coach. In a unique blend of insight, wisdom and humour Mike brings together there key strands of the 21 st century – self-awareness, emotional/spiritual intelligence and continuous ‘unlearning’. For the last 30 years he has been guiding and facilitating the personal development of leaders in companies and communities in over 30 countries. You can visit Mike’s website www.relax7.com or contact him at mike@relax7.com

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