Veganeast Cooking – Nutritious Plant-Based Dishes


Guilda showcases her Middle-Eastern heritage through this book and shares with you some of her families favourite recipes that are easy to recreate in your own kitchens.

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This cookbook guides you into how easy it is to cook vegan, enjoy plant-based whole foods and make them truly nutritious and delicious for the whole family to enjoy.
There is something for everyone, whether you are a keen cook or not, whether you work or not, whether you are vegan or not, whether you have the time or not, whether you have the energy or not, whether you are on a tight budget or not, whether you have a large or small kitchen, whatever your circumstance, you will be guided into your kitchens, gently, and shown how to cook wonderful creative dishes with a ‘Middle-Eastern’ twist.

About the Author

Guilda is a plant-based chef and nutritionist with over 10 years experience within the health and wellbeing industry.
Guilda loves to cook and this shows through her presentation, her creation as well as her passion to educate people on the importance of good nutrition through her writing, cooking workshops, retreats & online presence. Along with having a passion for cooking, Guilda has also been following her
own health and wellbeing journey, which includes meditation and positive thinking practices to increase her mindfulness along the spiritual path.

Guilda Akopians has been a long standing student of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, with over 30 years as a practicing student. She first attended one of the numerous ‘free’ meditation classes offered by the Brahma Kumaris in Boston, USA, where she first gained her understanding of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual practices, before coming to the UK where she attended regular classes in Brighton, Luton, Cambridge and London. One of the important practices of spirituality, in any organisation and belief, is food and the role it plays, which is taken into consideration throughout this cookbook.

This book has been created through her passion for cooking all things plant-based however more specifically, working with foods she has grown up with, Persian cuisine, as well as having a huge influence from dishes across the whole of the Middle-East!

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