You Can Find Inner Peace

You Can Find Inner Peace


Insights and exercises to bring harmony back into your life.

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Are you looking for a greater sense of personal fulfillment?
The constant demands of our fast-paced modern lives means we often feel overwhelmed, stressed
and under pressure. You Can Find Inner Peace is a simple, easy-to-use guide designed to help you
achieve a more balanced way of living.
The book contains 25 specially devised mental, physical and emotional exercises that will help you to
create a calmer life. The techniques covered are drawn from around the world and include
visualizations and meditation.

About the author Mike George
Mike George is a bestselling author of nine books, a management tutor and spiritual coach. In a
unique blend of insight, wisdom and humour Mike brings together there key strands of the 21 st
century – self-awareness, emotional/spiritual intelligence and continuous ‘unlearning’. For the last
30 years he has been guiding and facilitating the personal development of leaders in companies and
communities in over 30 countries. You can visit Mike’s website or contact him at


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