Recognising International Women’s day

Recognising International Women’s day

In our life we are all in contact with women, in fact our first contact was the minute we entered the womb. With this in mind you can say that women give life. Life is so precious that we need to value each moment we have. To value we need to utilise each moment to bring positivity, happiness, love and more peace in today’s world where people have forgotten the value of their lives.

The opportunity to recognise women and tribute a day to women should be a reminder to us all how we could better ourselves and others. The importance of a woman in our lives cannot be over looked. Without these inspirational beings the world would by now have fallen apart. I say this as the saying goes “behind every successful man there is a women”.

l know of a great women who has lead people’s lives into the light from darkness. Who has given hope to the hopeless? Who’s presence transforms the atmosphere wherever she goes. One who lives only to sustain others. A leader who makes you want to be a better being and gives you the chance with her pure vision to change. This great soul I am talking about is Dadi Janki.  She has shown the world out of nothing you can make something – a typical quality of a woman in everyone’s lives. This spiritual strength enables her to be a beacon of light in the lives of others. Dadi was deeply and compassionately aware of the selfish tendencies that currently afflict human relationships and affairs, and that put our world in peril. However, she was a visionary, with an unswerving optimism. “In the winter, we foresee the spring”, she said. “Those with a positive vision of the future give us an image of a world on this planet where all things are given freely, where the highest human potential is fully realised.”

That future world was guaranteed, in Dadi’s eyes, but to reach it, our consciousness has to change.

With this in mind I will share with you a few words of wisdom Dadi has spoken of which I’m sure you can bring into your lives and continue recognising women in our lives.

“In relationships we need four main qualities.

  1. Interdependency – Interdependency creates win-win relationships. In interdependency everyone adds to what is being created. They are give-give relationships. co-dependent relationships, in contrast, are take-take or take-give relationships. They always lead to upset of some sort or another.
  2. Flexibility- Boundaries are important and are there to keep us safe and protected. Healthy boundaries though shouldn’t be rigid. They can flex based on the person and circumstance, because their posts or roots are strong.
  3. Caring – We sometimes think we are caring when in fact we are really interfering, gate-crashing, trying to influence or control others. True caring shares and inspires. It gives others the space they need to flex their wings, whilst being on hand if called on. True caring allows others to make their own choices (including mistakes) and experience the consequences of their choices. True caring knows that mistakes don’t define us, but are opportunities to learn and grow.
  4. Self-Esteem – When we are in ego we can easily over-personalise what others say or don’t say to us. In ego we are attached to an image of ourselves that has been informed by our beliefs, family, education, culture and society. In ego we react and things can easily spiral into all sorts of problems. Instead, we can choose to delve more deeply into the riddle of ‘Who am I?’ and emerge our true self-esteem. In reflection and meditation we can dive deep within our own selves and experience the goodness, love, peace, joy and wisdom that are buried there. We can then allow these qualities to emerge in our consciousness and experience them.”

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