Earlier this week I was able to develop the power to make a more permanent change to one of my negative personality habits. It was a habit ingrained in me since childhood and I had managed to get rid of it temporarily but then it returned. Since trying Raja Yoga Meditation I have now been able to start overcoming it and working on making a permanent improvement using my connection with God.

There are lots of ways towards self-empowerment using Raja Yoga Meditation. One method to purify the soul and remove impurities is to be soul conscious. This means considering yourself to be a point of golden white light in the centre of the forehead and detaching from the body. Then one needs to remember the original qualities of the soul such as love, peace and happiness and tell yourself that you are these qualities.

Being peaceful all the time is real power! Powerful does not mean having a high position in a job or being in charge of lots of people. Being powerful means having complete authority over your mind, body and personality traits so that you are immovable and unshakable. It means that nothing can disturb you and you cannot be dethroned.

Happiness is another quality which makes you powerful and can help you create that upward spiral. When you are happy you attract positive circumstances, events and people in your life.

Honesty and a clean heart also add to your personal power. Honesty means speaking the truth and thinking the truth too. When you are honest with others, they will be honest back and you create good karma. People will also be more likely to trust you and you will have a stable mind. Having a clean heart means doing things for God and with a selfless attitude.

Keeping a good relationship with God and experiencing His qualities in meditation is another way to empower yourself. His qualities are divine and by knowing who He is and His personality I can connect with Him and take the courage, determination and strength to make the changes that I want in my life. The relationship helps to create that positive environment for you to flourish in.

Keeping your mind in the soul world is another way to remain powerful as it makes you light and peaceful. The soul world is the eternal home of God and all souls. It is the place of silence and golden red light.

A method to create power in relationships is to keep your connection with God and continually to keep directing your mind towards Him. That way you create your karmic accounts with God instead of with other souls. This works best if you have already been remembering God for a long period of time before you come into connection with them.

Self-ruler-ship is another way to create inner power. It means having control over your mind being able to direct your thoughts in any direction. This will help you to respond to people in a positive way rather than react to them. It starts with self-awareness.

The ability to apply a full stop to any situation is a very important one. It can help prevent the situation getting worse and once you apply a full stop you can start to change your situation and create a positive cycle. It starts with developing a positive attitude towards whatever happens in the Drama and seeing everything as beneficial.

Taking responsibility is a way to gain personal power and transform yourself. Everything starts with the self. As Dadi Janki, a great yogi and head of the Brahma Kumaris has said, when you point one finger (and blame) another, I am automatically pointing three fingers at myself.  Everything that happens to you is down to you and by taking that responsibility others will be more likely to cooperate with you. You will also get divine blessings for your self-transformation.

I now meditate more regularly and at specific times in the day which helps me to keep making progress. I have learned that regular meditation is the best way to keep making progress and quality is more important than quantity. It is important to keep at it and be determined.

If you want more guidance about self-empowerment and transformation using meditation the following books are highly recommended:

Learn to Find Inner Peace – book by Mike George

Soul Power – book by Nikki de Carteret

It’s time for Self Empowerment – book by Aruna Ladva

Knowing Myself – CD by Sister Jayanti

Progressive Meditations – CD by Sister Jayanti



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