Spiritual Growth in a Group Environment

For the past few months I have been regularly studying on the advanced course of meditation offered at the Brahma Kumaris Global Cooperation House in London. It is the international centre of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.  For the first time I am getting involved in a group environment on a long term basis. Through being in a group environment I am experiencing spiritual growth and attaining gradual success.

I used to study at the local BK centre in my town and decided to study at the headquarters instead as I get more benefit here. Now my yoga and my soul conscious stage are improving. It is much easier to meditate in a group than on your own at home as you can concentrate better and will have less waste thoughts.

I believe the best qualities of Global House are organisation, responsibility and leadership. They are a very pure, powerful and happy group. I also find the souls honest.

In a group setting it is important to be tolerant and accommodating. This way you can get along with everyone easily. It is a busy place and sometimes life can be hectic so it’s best not to take things personally but just be easy going.

Being in a group situation can be stressful and cause distress and anxiety to some. Last month I was experiencing a lot of waste thoughts about the group due to my health problem, psychosis. I have learned the best thing to do in a group situation is to think that everyone is very good. This has been an enormous benefit to me to get on well with everyone and create good karma. It amazing how much having good wishes and pure feelings for others can bring us so much benefit in return.

Here is an extract from a book about the organisation describing the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris in Mt Abu, India.

“If I am under the impression that Madhuban is just a huge auditorium with large sets of attached living quarters, I am soon disabused of that perception. Madhuban comprises more than forty departments, serviced by some 200 people who look after the needs of Madhuban and its many visitors. There is a tailoring department, where all the clothes of the community are made; kitchen department; an electrical department; an oil and soap-making department; storerooms for rice, wheat, vegetables and spices; a milk and yogurt room; and a chapatti-making department. There is also a general store; three large dining halls; a pot-cleaning area; a printing and copying office; a welding shed; a carpentry department; a dispensary; a fruit department; meditation and meeting halls; a post office; and a cash-dispensing centre.

You can learn more about the organisation and the ancestor souls who have laid the foundation by arranging a free tour of Global House.

May you be an easy yogi!

You can also find out a lot from the following books and websites:

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