Spirituality in the workplace

Spirituality in the workplace

Last academic year I started working at a school in my local area. I focussed on helping the students no matter what and building up a relationship with the students through an attitude of trust and by seeing their specialities – which starts with attitude and awareness. I was liked by the students and popular with the staff. I may have had a difficult time with a few of the students but by following spiritual practices I managed to turn things around with them.

One thing which can help you get ahead in the workplace is being selfless. If you find your needs not being met it is probably because everybody else is too busy trying to get their own needs met. Try offering yourself to help someone else, and it doesn’t have to be something big, and straight away your karmic accounts will change. You may not be getting what you want because you may not be ready, but focus on giving and what you need will automatically come to you. I have found this makes people content with me and makes me feel positive about my future. At the school where I work I have been focusing on keeping the children happy and have definitely reaped the reward as the children are always smiling at me even when I’m in a bad mood.

Another thing that helped me was to focus on being positive. I notice at work that when I’m positive, good things always happen. There are always obstacles, which are all created in the mind by the way, and the trick is to turn a big thing into something small. Remember the divine at the time that the obstacle comes in front of you and don’t panic.
Our thoughts create our karmic accounts so don’t keep remembering the person who upset you and that situation because by doing so you will create more bad karma for yourself with that person. Put a full stop and remember that there is always some benefit for you in that drama. Another thing, which works to create positivity, is not remind others of their mistakes and help others forget the mistakes. I never blame the other person at work but think that they are very good and I take the responsibility to change myself.

Our thoughts are very powerful and whatever we think will happen will come true. So it’s important to create pure powerful thoughts. We don’t know what the future holds and it’s important not to ruin it by having negative thoughts about it. In the past I have tended to think negatively about the future, I’ve worked on myself to change that and now I’m more relaxed. Stay optimistic and think positive. If you do have, a negative thought you could counteract it with a positive statement and believe that statement, which will give it the power. I have also found that being carefree has brought me lots of opportunities in the workplace.

It is good to have hopes in others, which fill you with love, patience and good feelings. It is not good to have expectations about others as this can result into ill feeling between people and does not nurture transformation. It is better to maintain honesty, truth and love in our relationships with our colleagues. This helps each one to grow. Working with children, I always try and keep the hope that those who have poor behaviour will be able to change. I have found that people catch your vibrations and behave according to that.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the present and make your present good because that moment will not come again and once it is gone, it’s gone. Learn to let go of the past. If you keep the past alive, in the present thinking “that shouldn’t have happened” and “it should have happened that way” then your future will not be good.
Have trust in the universe and believe that whatever has happened until now has been the best thing for you. This also means making your present well intended and not worrying about the future. If your present is right, your future will be right too. And if your present is right (and you perform elevated karma) then the past can become right as well and people will forget the mistakes you made in the past. These days I have stopped thinking about the past in a negative way and I make the best of the events that have occurred in my life. This really helps me to stay positive.

So change the atmosphere of your workplace through your attitude and awareness.

Some of this knowledge came from the book “Is there Another Way” by Dadi Janki, a great yogi soul.

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