Strengthening Mental Health

I woke up this morning with a promise to myself that my negative thoughts will not defeat me and I am to work on strengthening my mental mind (health). However, very quickly, I found myself tangled in my morning routine, in judging, the right and the wrong and not what was wrong about me, but what others are doing wrong and what they should be doing right and of course; my excuse is that I am helping them to become better. I am telling myself I am doing the right thing by correcting their wrong. I call this the “wrong to right cycle”. Unfortunately, once I was by myself, I had time to reflect and realised I failed once more. I am not strong enough. I have a poor mental health and no self-control. By thinking such thoughts, I not only put myself down but also imprinted this in my mental DNA, which as a result deepens the wound I am trying to heal.

In society today, we find ourselves in thousands of situations daily where the correct decision makes all the difference. Unfortunately, with countless outside influences it can become difficult to guarantee the right or wrong decisions. Very often by making the mistake of looking externally  that is looking at the my current circumstance, situation or pressure we fall into habits of repeating negative patterns and allow rubbish into our lives, which in turn results in stress, mental breakdowns and thus poor physical health too.

So I started to explore how can I break this “wrong to right cycle”, after diving into books, researching on-line and looking everywhere external I realised everything is pointing at looking at my true self and going internal. I stopped everything I was doing, I even had to stop the excuses of “oh if I stop I will delay my daily routine work”. “STOP! IT IS TIME TO LOOK WITHIN TO STRENGTHEN MY INNER THOUGHTS,” I told myself.

Going into my mind, connecting with my true self a divine point of energy , I slowly started observing my thoughts. I realised I was creating a new experience, I felt powerful energy, a renewed feeling, I started to feel peaceful, calm and happy…this is what I want to feel all the time. This is what I want others to feel when they are around me. This what I want my home to feel like and thus the world we live in to be like.

It only took 2 minutes and I felt in control again, I felt stronger. The reason we lose mental strength is that we forget who we really are. We live in the illusion of the outer, run away from the inner, seeking peace, love and happiness from external sources such as possessions, food, money, fame and work, which only results in disassociation with our inner self, and can result into loss of faith in ourselves. We lose the sense of belonging. This leads to disconnection to the self, others and from God, having little experiences of God who is our Father and Mother our Teacher and Guide. Another culprit is business, you have to admit that today everyone is just too busy, we have so much to do that we forget to be.


  1. Step back and remember who you really are – a divine being of light.
  2. Remember your original qualities, your values and virtues – I am peace, I am love, I am happiness.
  3. Connect with the Supreme, the ocean of peace, love and happiness. Experience all relationships with the ONE and see others as his progeny.
  4. Reflect at the reason you perform any task, the motive behind it and you will be in the position to ‘right the wrong’ and thus the outcome.

From this practice several times a day, we can feel good and as a result strengthen our mental health.

Inspired by the ‘Feeling Great’ book by Dadi Janki.

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  1. Ravi kumar on 25th April 2019 at 12:48 pm

    Yes, Sister Om Shanti. When we are in remember our natural qualities and in remembrance of our supreme father. We feel good and never has negative thoughts.

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