Full of all virtues

Right now I am focusing on being full of all virtues and full of all powers.  I think self-respect is the most important as it will clear all other obstacles and if you can see your own good qualities you will be happy all the time.

All virtues can be obtained from staying peaceful in any situation. With the virtue of peace all other virtues are developed. To stay peaceful, one technique is soul consciousness. Another powerful technique is God consciousness. Another way is to remember that no situation lasts forever, every situation is temporary.  You can also work on your own tolerance power. Tolerance is made up of four virtues: peace, patience, love and forgiveness. It is important to maintain your stage when any situation arises.

Last week I attended a class in Global House on virtues. We spoke about criticism. The way to stop yourself being affected by criticism is acceptance, humility and self-respect. We also spoke about competition. The way to stay happy when someone tries to compete with you is to be playful, peaceful, humble and stay in your self-respect. This will stop you from feeling stressed out and anxious.

When you have respect for others it means you have the “awareness that everyone has value because everyone is unique”. You should not ignore weaknesses but shed a different light on them, that is always keep good wishes for others in your heart. Disrespect takes away freedom and blocks the path. When you have self-respect you consider yourself to be a child of God, that is full of God’s virtues and powers, and full of mercy for others. You are not affected by others’ criticisms and are able to give regard.

I have been reading about courage. Courage is not just about being brave, it is about having the “ability to think of the destination and nothing else in between”. It is when “you can’t necessarily see, but in your heart you know and that knowing becomes the light to see by”.

Virtues in action means doing everything with attention and care. If you do this then you will automatically develop all virtues. True silence also helps you to develop virtues. You need to do the inner work too!

It is said that purity is the mother of all virtues. Having the attitude that everything belongs to God and nothing is mine will help you to develop detachment. This will help to make your stage immovable and unshakeable so that you can be peaceful all the time. This comes with yoga practice and experience.

Virtues come in pairs and compliment one another. You should always work with virtues in pairs otherwise you will become rigid. For example along with determination goes flexibility and along with happiness goes care.

It is also very good practice to talk to yourself and tell yourself positive affirmations which will go deep to the subconscious level. For example I tell myself that I’m full of all virtues, that I’m an honest and determined soul. This helps me to develop those virtues more.

Always remember that obstacles come to make you strong and improve your spiritual stage.

You can learn more about the virtues in the following books:

A book of Virtues, Inner Beauty – by Brahma Kumaris

A Pocket Book of Virtue – by Dadi Janki

The Power of Meditation – book by Sister Jayanti

Learn to find Inner Peace – book by Mike George






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