Create a “Team spirit” to be sucessful

The successful industrialist of the world, Henry Ford, gives the credit of his life’s success to the team spirit and says that – “Getting together is the beginning of progress towards success, staying together is the development and working together is the beginning of success.”  The achievements of any institution, organisation or association are the…

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Cultivating values in everyday life

Question: How to cultivate values in everyday life? Answer: Each morning, making time for silence to connect with the inner being gives the experience of the original qualities of the self – which are peace, love, truth, purity and happiness.  As I connect with these innate qualities, and emerge them in my awareness, I remember…

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The Way of Effective Communication

Effective communication is probably the most important of all life skills. It helps us in every aspect of life, from our professional life, to social gatherings and everything in between. Good communication is about showing meaning in what we say and how we say it. A common cry heard in many interactions is: Say what…

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