Raja yoga meditation is an effective way for Stress Management

Stress and anxiety have become a global problem of today’s time. Today there is hardly any person who is completely free from stress. Many types of physical, psychological, intellectual and yogic methods as well as medical therapy are used for stress management today. Some of their dimensions are showing progressive results, although along with this,…

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Full of all virtues

Right now I am focusing on being full of all virtues and full of all powers.  I think self-respect is the most important as it will clear all other obstacles and if you can see your own good qualities you will be happy all the time. All virtues can be obtained from staying peaceful in…

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Anger,Fear and Peace – Part 2

The core of all of us spiritual beings is made of the energies of love, peace, purity, power and joy.  As we move through time, that core, vibration if you like,  is covered in the dust of the habits we acquire to protect this love, peace, purity, power and joy. Over time, we forget how…

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