Your A-Z Guide to Divine Virtues – Quality

Universal values, such as happiness, peace and love, are innate qualities in the soul of every human being. They bring quality to our lives and dignity to our species. For this reason values are possibly our most precious possession. They give life its sparkle. Every soul has seven qualities which are the original nature of a soul. They…

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The Creative Process

Creative energy is an amazing thing. It’s as if it is not here on this plane of existence at all, but that it just arrives in a moment of requisite. As if it is sent from up above, or that it is just drifting through the air like an invisible thought-form or abstract concept, until…

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Just A Minute

Just A Minute Last week at school, in maths, I was working with a group of children to get a sense of how long one minute lasts. They took turns to carry out different activities and see how far they could get in one minute. How many times can you write your name in one…

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