Your A-Z Guide to Divine Virtues – Kindness

Kindness is the act of showing respect to other s whilst being in your own self respect.  It begins with small gestures such as saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘excuse me’, or ‘I am sorry’. It can also be offering a helping hand, waiting for your turn, returning a phone call, or even responding with a…

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Compassion Challenge Day 6 – Self-Compassion

Self-Compassion It is easy to care for others or material possesions when we know that they belong to us. When it comes to the self we may sometimes forget our true values and qualities we possess. We take ourselves for granted, falling into a habit that may not be healthy for us and the impact…

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Compassion Challenge

With a turbulent year in 2020 Wellbeing is now at the forefront of all our mind. The hope of a the New year ahead in all of our hearts is igniting the feeling of positive change. One way we can go about doing is this to start our New year with our Compassion challenge.  We welcome you to join us for this 14 days challenge to start the 2021 with a Compassion. This deep emotion plays a massive part in our lives, for our being the soul to survive. In order to grow your compassion for yourself and other as well, it is vital to work the compassion muscle in your mind and get it toned and tuned up for the betterment of our world. 

As the Dalai Lama quotes ” Compassion , connotes love, affection , kindness, gentleness, generosity of spirit and warm-heartedness. We will send you a short daily challenge that will ensure you imbibe and inculcate the goodness of this special virtue. 

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Cultivating values in everyday life

Question: How to cultivate values in everyday life? Answer: Each morning, making time for silence to connect with the inner being gives the experience of the original qualities of the self – which are peace, love, truth, purity and happiness.  As I connect with these innate qualities, and emerge them in my awareness, I remember…

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Inner Happiness

Happiness is quite difficult to define, yet, most people are aware of whether they are happy or not. Certainly happiness is not pleasure, which is fleeting: parties, receiving a gift, a day on the beach, or, as bidden by myths of the consumerist world, the accumulation of things that we run after to recreate imagined…

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Little acts of kindness

Little acts of kindness through cards The first meditation class I went to, about twenty years ago, ended with the teacher passing round a little tin. Inside were lots of different cards, about the size of a matchbox. Each of the cards had one coloured word printed on it. But not just any word. These…

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The Jewel in the Crown

In our search for love we will look in almost every corner of the world. We seek love as acceptance and approval in our many relationships. We desire the ideal love in the fiction of the perfect romance. We expect to find love in what we do, what we acquire and even in the places…

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