The power of the soul

“Ninety-five percent of our time is wasted on thinking about others; we go on and on with a string of expectations, which becomes like a hammer of demand on other people’s heads. Take a combination of expectations and demand, and what does it equal? Conflict!”

At this time in the world Drama, everybody has some illness of the mind or other and are abusive towards others in some way. If you stay in meditation you can help that soul by responding with respect and care instead of reacting.

“As the world becomes more complex and problems become” further deep-rooted, “listening is the first step to communicating and harmonizing with everyone; it is a method to understand the reality of others in order to live better with them. Listening to myself, to God, to others, and to nature enables the self to harmonise” your personality and prevent conflict.

I have learned that “the illness of anger comes from the germ of expectation, that the illness of possessiveness comes from the germ of insecurity, that the illness of aggression, or forcefulness, comes from the germ of fear, and that the illness of stress stems from the germs of worry, doubt, and greed.” Through the power of meditation these illnesses can be suppressed in the soul.

“”Om” is the consciousness of “I am,” the consciousness that denotes both an uncreated selfhood and a pure state of being. The human soul originally had this consciousness of “Om,” but gradually forgot it. Therefore, the aim of “knowing” (or at least spiritual knowing) is to return to this original state. The way of return is called “remembrance”: that is, to pay attention and keep remembering the eternity of the self, otherwise referred to as the soul, the atma.”

…”without focused silence, it is difficult to remove the germs, even if they are seen and understood. The original innate energy of the soul is needed for any permanent cure.”

“Success, or victory, depends as much on doing the task with the right intention as it does on allowing things to take their own course.”

…”Only when the soul is in a state of complete self-respect can there be freedom in relationships.”

I have also learned that no human can help me. Only God can help me. Stay in the self respect that I need nothing from no-one. Keep truly honest by believing that everyone is very good.

Understand that when others are abusive towards you, that one is in a lot of pain and is unhappy. The medicine for this is to give them respect and care. Sometimes it is safer to do it through vibrations. Do this selflessly.

Count your blessings to stay in constant connection with the Supreme Energy source of the universe. Fall in love with God and feel the ocean of love giving you His attention.

The trick for not taking sorrow when someone abuses you is to understand that they are teaching you something. That soul is your teacher. It means they have more power than you. Be grateful that they are teaching you something and develop more power in yourself through meditation.

It is still not too late, the world can be saved through meditation power.

This message contains extracts from the book “Slaying the Three Dragons” by Anthony Strano.

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