The Power of Tolerance

There are different situations that come in life where the power to tolerate is necessary. One is bad words and assault from others, one is when it comes to trying to establish the truth, one is discontent in small or large matters.Tolerance is required when going through sickness. If you speak about a sickness it gets worse. Dadi Janki, the administrative head of the BKs, says we should always say “I’m well” as a soul and the body will soon get better.

“Whatever the situation”, understand that situation has come to teach you something and it will only last for a short while. Two lessons are incorporated in this: the power to tolerate and the power to face.

Lack of the power to tolerate is due to two reasons: (1) Arrogance and (2) Ignorance. For example if “someone gives you teachings you should realise that that soul has good wishes for you. So in return you should have feelings of good wishes and love. The way to overcome this is to keep your self respect in the mind and use humility “in words and actions so that arrogance is finished”.

“Tolerance and easiness will make any task successful.”

So how do you know? The more tolerance you have the greater contentment you will have and that will make others content too! And “only those who tolerate are able to be detached observers.”

Spirituality says that we should not avoid any soul or situation, so the only solution is to tolerate. I believe being tolerant is a great service to humanity as it brings others closer to God and touches their heart. It is a very important power. “If you constantly smile when at the time when an angry enemy showers you with bad language, that is called tolerance.”

The Quest for Well Being – book by Anthony Strano




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  1. Ajit Tiwari on 10th March 2019 at 5:59 am

    Om Shanti,
    I liked the article.
    Meditation brings an unbelievable change to the life.

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