The Power of Truth

It takes time to build up a trusting relationship. Being truthful, simple, kind and open is one way to earn the trust of others.

But what does real honesty mean?

I have been reading a book which has deep spiritual knowledge called “Divine Virtues of the Soul”. It explains that real honesty means seeing only the good qualities of others and believing that they have inherent good qualities. It also means having faith in their ability to change. It also means believing in yourself and seeing your own good qualities!

Truth does not necessarily mean sharing your weaknesses with others. I believe that would be immature since we all have weaknesses. It also does not mean simply speaking the truth. Truth means giving the best of you and creating good personality traits.

An honest soul is one who is obedient to God and follows His every direction. When there are all types of honesty, even where there is no trust, then one day trust will develop.

I recently came across a website which explained how to make money from the banks through a loop-hole in the law. Since it is legal I first thought it would be fine to make a bit of income in this way. I even went to the bank and asked them whether this method was legal, so as not to deceive the bank, and found out it is legal. However my heart still says it would be a sin because it would be taking advantage and abusing the banks. The spiritual study I am doing says that we should not do things which our conscience tells us not to do. So that is that and I have decided to follow my conscience.

Following my conscience is bringing me great returns and this week I have managed to develop a better connection with the seniors of the Brahma Kumaris and even with strangers in the town where I live. Everyone has recognised the message I am trying to share about conscience. And I feel much happier for always being on the right side of God’s directions. When you take one step of courage, God takes 1000 steps towards you to bring you benefit.

The spiritual study I am doing teaches that when you break one of the spiritual laws, for example not seeing other souls as your brother or sister, you lose your happiness.

Happiness, love and peace is my inheritance from the One and I have to look after it and not be careless. If I look after my inheritance then I will get an even greater return in the future but that will be a material one.

The administrative head of the BKs, Dadi Janki, always makes best use of her time, never having waste thoughts or wasting her time. This is one her secrets of success. To waste your time is also lying because this time that we have with God is very precious.

May you be a truthful soul who always follows your conscience!

If you want some spiritual guidelines, you can read the following books:

The Journey from Ignorance to Enlightenment – Mike George

The Original Virtues of the Soul

Companion of God – Dadi Janki


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  1. Dorothy Kingston on 5th November 2023 at 8:02 am

    I loved reading this.
    Doing the right thing for the right reason always brings me peace.
    Thank you.

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