My wish to become an angel

There are a group of people in society who are trying to improve their character in order to help the human race survive. If we all learned to respect one another then we would have inner peace and we could have peace on earth. I am one of those many souls who are part of this large organisation, the Brahma Kumaris, whose aim is to achieve peace on earth. We are trying to become angels.

If I wish to become an angel, I need to become the master of time and the master of my thoughts. If I am stuck thinking about the Drama and replaying what others have done to me then I am wasting my time. I need to see this Drama for what it is, a play between the forces of good and evil – where the good always wins of course.

Always looking inward or “introspection” is the key to becoming and remaining an angel. It creates that stage of alertness and attentiveness that protects the integrity of the server. I believe the power to discern, self-controlling power, concentration and joy are the”components of the inner checking that lead to permanent mastery”. Being in silence can help you to do this. “The slower and more concentrated we become, the deeper the thought goes and then we can tap into the pure energy of the original self and release it into consciousness.”

We can become powerful when we use our time in a wise way. Time is closely linked to thoughts. Time is wasted when you have many waste thoughts. “Then the day becomes diseased with stress, fear, doubt and other unhelpful emotions. If this becomes a habit we feel a failure, unable to cope with the demands of today, surviving rather than thriving.”

When we understand and experience that we are loved by God, we find ourselves and become inclusive. This love helps us to grow and fulfil our potential.

Our karmas are more powerful than what GOD can do for us. I have experienced this myself. He cannot take away your good karma even if He wanted to and He cannot grant you blessings if you don’t create the right thoughts and consciousness.

“When we feel respected by God, we gain a sense of belonging to the One who has given us space to be ourselves. Belonging creates fulfilment, security and contentment. Contentment is the proof of having honestly worked on the self. It is the key foundation for an angelic apprenticeship.”

Mercy is God’s power. It is non-human. Mercy can only come from God because only His being is unconditional. I need God’s grace to transform.

Accurate understanding is the basis of successful practice. If our understanding is not right, then the result will not be either.

Faith in God, the self and others creates the capacity for trust. When I trust myself, I free myself from any limitation. When I trust God, I experience eternity.

It is said that mastery is not granted, It is earned. Becoming an angel requires a major and permanent shift in my consciousness. It requires me to have a selfless agenda. I need to remain neutral: not being pulled by anything or anyone knowing that all are equal. In the past I have been pulled by others but when you fully recognise God then His personally attracts you like a magnet all the time. There is no other soul who can give me the unconditional love that God is offering. I need to have stability: no event or person shakes the master.

Lastly, always remain sincere to the task. We need to be servant leaders, continually putting the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.

You can read more about how to become an angel in the book by Anthony Strano “The Man Who Loved Angels” where meditation commentaries are also included. You can also find out more about the eight powers in another book by Anthony Strano called “The Quest for Well-Being”.

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  1. zachary smith on 27th March 2020 at 3:37 pm

    I wished that god would make me an angel where I could do good for the people of earth. Ilove god and people.

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