Your A-Z Guide to Divine Virtues – Generosity

Being generous  is not only about contributing money to charity, or volunteering your time for a worthy cause.  It’s about creating an attitude of giving, anytime, anywhere.  Giving up your seat on the train for someone else, giving way whilst driving, listening to a friend who needs a shoulder to lean on, are all fine examples of ‘giving’. Being fully present when giving attention to others and to complete a task ….this is one of the biggest way to offer generosity.

When you use your talents, values and qualities for yourself as well as for others this is also an act of generosity.


Short Exercise:

This week do 5 generous acts that come from the goodness of your heart.

Make a note of how you feel and how you make others feel because of that act. 


Some of the information and music are from the products we have on our Inspired Stillness website which are recommended below:

The Hidden Valley – MP3

Offering and Receiving (MP3)

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