Your A-Z Guide to Divine Virtues – Introspection

In a world where things have become showy, noisy and full of superficialities, it is difficult to appreciate the power of introspection. Though it is the greatest means to refresh ourselves, we sometimes forget to use the art of introspection which simply means becoming still for a few moments. When we experiment by using a little strengthen quietness, we quickly appreciate its ability to recharge and strengthen the inner self.

True introspection creates a position of neutrality. We step aside from unhelpful concepts and wrong conclusions about ourselves and others. Being in this neutral space for a while helps us to find solutions.

Short Exercise:

Take a topic that you want to explore eg. Happiness or gratitude. Now take moment be by yourself and go within. Ask yourself the questions; What does this topic mean to me? How is it significant in my life, How is it significant to others and the world? What can I do to use the positive aspects of this topic to bring into my life to serve myself and the world? 

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