Your A-Z Guide to Divine Virtues – Unity

Everything always works better when there is unity. Whether in our home or workplace. Unity is a mutual respect that is to see all as equal and individual. It is an acceptance  with less expectations. It is when each one comes together and cooperates with each other. When there is unity there is naturally strength.

In this world the individual and the collective has to be acknowledged one cannot exits without the other, when you do go to extremes of both there is damaging results, this can been seen when countries divide which results to war. This occurs where there is lack of tolerance and acceptance.  

So to gain unity there needs to be encouragement and oneness, by accepting others where they are now rather than where we want them to be that is let go of expectations.

Short Exercise:

List 10 ways you can start acting with unity from today.  Remind yourself each day of these ways till they become a natural habit to bring about unity. 

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