Your A-Z Guide to Divine Virtues – Xenial

Xenial is the ability to live as a guest  – our mind should understand we have come to earth to live here temporary but we need to also have a way of living here? The way of being hospitable and friendly to our brothers and sisters who share the same earth.

Friendship is one of the best relationships one can have. It’s the place where the bonding occurs most organically.We also need to become friends of the earth. It starts with what how you feel about your body.  So look at your relationship with your body,  do I treat it like I would my dear friend making it a priority, listen to its needs, spend time with it by exercising, nourishing it with healthy food.

When I am soul conscious. I can bring warmth in relations and win the heart of others.  I can use the power of positivity to fill hope in hopeless souls and make them feel like they belong.

Short Exercise:

List 5 main qualities you think a good friend and a good host should have. Now ask yourself do you possess these qualities, do you treat yourself as you would you best friend? 

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