A pocket book on Virtue

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This little book contains a surprisingly rich blend of affirmations and inspirations about bringing virtue back into life.

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A POCKET BOOK ON VIRTUE is a compilation of affirmations and inspirations based on 36 virtues. Virtues, which fill our heart and uplift the soul, making our actions into works of art that comfort and nourish others, bringing meaning and significance to who we are and what we do.

About the author

Dadi Janki was a world-renowned spiritual leader who had dedicated her life to the upliftment of humanity. Through teaching the universality of spiritual truths, she had empowered people from all cultures and religions, teaching audiences of thousands one day and meeting Presidents and Prime Ministers the next. She was one of the ten Wisdom Keepers, an eminent group of spiritual and religious leaders convened at the Rio Earth Summit and Habitat II to advise political leaders on the spiritual dilemmas underpinning current world-wide issues. She saw only the goodness of each human being, awakening people to fulfil their highest potential.

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3 reviews for A pocket book on Virtue

  1. Anon

    In stillness, the soul can tune in to aspects of being that exist beyond analysis and discussion.’ How to be close to God. A series of short essays which convey the depth and warmth of the author’s own experiences.

  2. Nicole

    What an uplifting and inspiring book – thanks!

  3. Sue

    Virtues – what a wonderful thing to read about and reflect on. And then the challenge comes when it is about putting them into practice! Thanks for this little guide on how to life a life full of virtues – greatly appreciated.

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