Self Development

  • Living as Art – 16 Celestial Degrees

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  • The Wisdom of Personal Undevelopment: The Art of Liberation by Unlearning and Undoing

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    With an accurate awareness of ones self and the ‘stability of being’ that it provides, learn how to develop abilities to manage stress and resolve conflict as well better the self in every role you play.

  • Experience Meditation with CD

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    An 8 step method to deepening your meditation experience.

  • It’s Time to Meditate

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  • How to Relax Your Mind

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    Find personalised strategies to relax and calm your mind.

  • It’s Time to be Cool

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  • The Journey from Ignorance to Enlightenment

    5 out of 5

    There is a journey we all must make. We will either ‘choose’ to make it or we will be forced to make it. It is the journey of awakening from our ignorance that makes us suffer to an enlightenment that restores our happiness.

  • Sunrise Sunset

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  • Stepping into Happiness

    5 out of 5

    “Happiness is a great property. Through Raja Yoga, we attain the power to constantly dance in happiness. When one becomes light and might, then everything becomes right.”

  • Hot

    The Power of Meditation

    5 out of 5

    ‘When – through meditation – we come back to the experience of our original state of being, we experience tremendous inner power.’

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  • Mindsets

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